Prince Harry and Meghan arrive to meet Irish leader Michael Higgins

The Duchess of Sussex has today captured hearts and won over a nation as she tickled children, joked with a president and played with dogs on her whirlwind tour of Ireland. Meghan and Harry started a second day of engagements in Dublin with a visit to the official residence of President Michael D Higgins where they bonded over their shared love of rescue dogs (bottom right). Meghan looked typically elegant in black velvet court shoes, a £3,850 Fendi handbag and a taupe green dress by designer Roland Mouret, but she and her husband impressively managed a speedy change of clothes before making their way to Croke Park, home of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Meghan donned a sharp tailored black suit, patent court shoes and a simple white t-shirt, finishing the look with a black clutch bag. She even completely restyled her hair, replacing her immaculate chignon bun with loose tousled waves. Bounding with energy and enthusiasm, the pair played with youngsters at the grounds with Harry even letting one cheeky chap stroke his beard as another pulled Meghan's hair (centre and top right).

Trump calls Germany 'a captive of Russia' at NATO summit

Donald Trump unleashed his fury on NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (together main) for defending Germany's (Chancellor Angela Merkel inset) energy partnership with Russia and threatened Berlin with U.S. action over the deal he said is wholly inappropriate. Trump fumed that 'Germany is a captive of Russia' and said the U.S. would 'have to do something' about a gas deal that's funneling billions into Moscow's economy. 'Germany is totally controlled by Russia,' he charged. 'I think its a very bad thing for NATO.' Stoltenberg reminded that the U.S. and Europe are 'stronger together than apart.' To which Trump replied, 'No, you're just making Russia richer.' The confrontation stunned the leaders' senior advisers, including Trump's secretaries of defense and state, stunned. A press aide demanded the media leave the room as Trump pushed Stoltenberg to explain how the U.S. is supposed to protect Germany when its opening the front door to Vladimir Putin. Trump fumed that 'Germany is a captive of Russia' and a gas deal between the two nations is 'just making Russia richer.' 'Germany is totally controlled by Russia,' he said. 'I think its a very bad thing for NATO.'

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative proposed 10 percent tariffs on Tuesday on a list of 6,031 Chinese product lines ranging from burglar alarms to mackerel.

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De Blasio went to the Texas border with about 20 other mayors from around the country on June 21. Spokesman Eric Phillips said the group did nothing illegal and had approval to be there.

Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals the ten signs that your mother-in-law is ruining your relationship and says that if any man hates his mother he hates ALL women.

A healthy diet doesn't always mean you need to give up your favourite foods. Australian dietitian Dr Joanna McMillan reveals chocolate and wine are just some you can eat for a longer life.

Thai cave boys wave from hospital beds as first footage emerges of their rescue

The 12 young football players rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand are recovering well, as new video footage shows them smiling and waving from inside a hospital isolation unit. The video from inside the hospital in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand sees some of the boys making 'horn' hand signs for the camera, as they sit in their beds surrounded by medical staff. The last remaining four school boys and their coach, who had been trapped in the Tham Luang cave complex for 18 days, were carried out on stretchers on Tuesday at the end of a  three-day operation.

Divers rescuing the Thai cave boys in Chiang Rai have revealed how they heard screaming from inside the system and saw workers scrambling towards the entrance as the water levels rose.

Dramatic video shows the moment a desperate woman kidnapped and held at gunpoint by her abused boyfriend manages to slip a note to veterinary hospital staff to raise the alarm

Video shows the moment a Florida man was arrested at a veterinary hospital  in May after his girlfriend tipped off workers that he was threatening her. Caroline Reichle, 28, was allegedly beaten for two days straight before her boyfriend allowed her out of the house to take their dog to the vet. At the animal hospital, Reichle scribbled out a note to staff reading: 'Call the cops. My boyfriend is threatening me. He has a gun. Please don't let him know'. The video picks up with officers entering an exam room at the clinic and taking 39-year-old Jeremy Floyd into custody. He now faces charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and battery.

Bologna University scientists led the study of nearly 1,150 volunteers, believed to be the first long-term analysis of the diet's impact of bone health in older adults.

Italian grandfather who crashed into George Clooney's scooter

Antonelli Viglino, 65, had come to a stop and was about to turn left, crossing Clooney's path, when the actor plowed into him, reportedly at a speed of 60mph. Terrifying video of the collision shows Clooney being flung from his bike and landing on the ground. Miraculously, he survived with no head injuries and some damage to his pelvis. Viglino said he was stunned to learn who Clooney was once his helmet had been removed.

Footage taken from a street in Italy shows George Clooney thrown several feet into the air when his scooter collided with an oncoming car in Italy on Tuesday morning.

The 27-year-old said she felt pressured into sex with French director Luc Besson to keep roles in his films including Valerian and comes two months after a different actress accused him of rape.

'I knew I couldn't get blood in the water': Instagram model, 19, reveals how she went into survival mode after she was attacked while posing with sharks in the Bahamas

Katarina Zarutskie, 19, was bitten by a nurse shark during a vacation in the Bahamas. Zarutskie said she wanted to 'connect with nature' when she jumped in to swim with the sharks and that a 'lot of locals' encouraged her. When the shark bit her and pulled her underwater, Zarutskie immediately lifted her arm up in the air so blood wouldn't get into the water. She said adrenaline then kicked in and she knew she had to get out of the water as fast as possible.

It is a curiosity but not a question you're likely to ask your doctor – Kim Murphy, a researcher from Monash University in Australia, explains why green snot means your immune system's working.

Politician suggests Meghan Markle supports Irish referendum result

The Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry flew to Dublin yesterday for their first foreign trip as a newlyweds. The pair were hosted at a British Ambassador's Residence last night where Meghan chatted to local politicians and dignitaries. Just hours after their two-hour visit, Irish politician Catharine Noone (pictured speaking to Meghan) posted to Facebook suggesting Meghan agreed with the country's recent referendum result in favour of legalising abortion.

Eagle-eyed royal watchers spotted that the Duchess of Sussex, 36, had left the packaging on the protective studs on the underside of her bag as she stepped off the plane at Dublin City Airport.

The Duchess of Sussex , 36, looked typically glamorous as she kicked off a second day of engagements in Dublin with a visit to the official residence of President Michael D Higgins.

Trump mingles with world leaders at NATO after breakfast blow-up

President Donald Trump jovially greeted fellow world leaders on Wednesday afternoon at the opening ceremony of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's leader's summit in Brussels. Trump smiled and posed for photos with Britain's embattled Prime Minister Theresa May and affectionately conversed with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The U.S. president proudly stood front and center between May and Stoltenberg for the summit's family portrait and a military flyover welcoming delegations from the organizations 29 members nations to Belgium. A riled up Trump had clearly calmed down from a terse conversation at breakfast with Stoltenberg, whom he had dressed down during a heated argument over Germany 's energy partnership with Russia . Trump had fumed in remarks heard 'round the world that 'Germany is a captive of Russia' and the U.S. would 'have to do something' to rectify the pipeline deal that's funneling billions into Moscow's economy. 'Germany is totally controlled by Russia,' Trump had charged. 'I think its a very bad thing for NATO,' the U.S. president had asserted.

The 29-year-old, who quit her White House role in February  after facing a grilling from Congress over the Russia probe, has moved back to the city after spending some time with her family.

'She does this all the time': What two kids, aged 8 and 10, said about their mother after she was stopped for drunk driving

Nathalie Bevis, 45, was arrested after clipping another car and crashing on an Alpharetta, Georgia road on June 18. During the traffic stop, officers say Bevis' two kids, ages eight and 10, got out of the car and approached cops. The terrified children said they did not want to ride in the car anymore and that their mother drove drunk 'all the time'. Bevis faces charges of DUI and child endangerment.

On Wednesday the 20-year-old reality TV star turned makeup mogul was touted by Forbes magazine for also being one of the richest, self made young people on the planet.

Researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona found that injecting a hormone, known as FGF21, causes weight loss and greater insulin sensitivity in rodents.

Abandoned Civilisations unravels the mysteries of over 90 lost worlds

The fascinating stories behind over 90 lost worlds have been revealed in a new book laced with incredible pictures. Abandoned Civilisations by author Kieron Connolly reveals how vast societies can rise and fall, leaving behind ruined cities and towns that have been reclaimed by nature. It tells the stories of citadels overgrown by jungle, statues lying half-hidden in the sand and gigantic bizarre sculptures carved into rock faces. Pictured: The fortress at Masada in Israel, top left, Bagan in Myanmar top right, the tombs in the town of Myra in present day Turkey, bottom left, stone circles on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, bottom right, and the circular terraces at Moray in Cuzco, Peru, inset.

Francis Carlton Crowley, 32, left the five-month-old infant under a pile of debris and sticks after a car crash in the woods early on Sunday in Missoula, Montana.

The future of building? Watch the French 'builderbot' that 3D printed a family home for five in in just 54 hours

A team of researchers, scientists and engineers from France have created a 3D printed house in just a matter of hours. For the first time ever, the four-bedroom house will serve as home for a family of five. The 1,022-square-foot house, located in the northwestern French city of Nantes, only took about two days - or 54 hours - to complete.

California Polytechnic State University recently released a 30-page report which stated that it was hoping to reduce its percentage of white students from 55 per cent to less than 40.

If your marriage has been on the rocks for a while, it may be time to consider calling it quits. Divorce coach Prudence Henschke reveals the signs divorce may be the best option.

Whitney Houston's mother has 'difficulty believing' she was molested by cousin Dee Dee

Whitney Houston's mother has broken her silence about the sexual abuse allegations made in a new documentary about her daughter. In Whitney, the documentary which is in theaters now, the singer's personal assistant Mary Jones claims that Houston was molested by Dee Dee Warwick, her cousin who was 21 years her senior and the sister of Dionne. 'We cannot overstate the shock and horror we feel and the difficulty we have believing that my niece Dee Dee Warwick . . . molested two of my three children,' said Cissy Houston in a statement to People on behalf of herself and Dionne.

Matthew Edwards, the Delaware father who shot and killed his wife Julie and their three children, Jacob, Brinley and Paxton, had confided in neighbors that he was having 'marital problems'.

Researchers from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, claim that colour X-rays allow doctors to identify markers of diseases, such as raised fat and calcium levels.

Meet the men and women who sculpted enviable physiques in just eight weeks

Since it was founded in 2011, the F45 fitness regime has attained cult status in Australia and around the world, with thousands of devotees showing off their gym-honed physiques as a result of following the program. And now, two new fitness enthusiasts from New South Wales and Queensland have debuted their incredible body transformations, after following a strict exercise regime for just eight weeks (left and right). Here, FEMAIL takes a look at their - and others' - success.

Pregnant Pippa Middleton breezes into Wimbledon

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister, 34, wrapped her neat bump in a blue linen shirt dress by Ralph Lauren, teamed with simple black espadrilles as she visited SW19 with her younger brother. James Middleton also cut a casual figure in a blue linen shirt, patterned trousers and suede loafers.

Megan Lee, a psychology tutor at Southern Cross University, warns restrictive lifestyles fuel obsession that lead to weight gain and breaks down healthier habits that will control your waistline.

A woman who saw her own daughter get kidnapped at gunpoint and shoved into a car ending up tailing them until authorities arrived. 30-year-old Chad Edward was later arrested.

Bride and groom forced to flee wedding in California's Klamathon Fire

Ellie and Taylor Denney married in a rushed ceremony in Hornbrook, California, on Saturday during the Klamathon Fire, getting the order to evacuate just as the bride reached the groom. Spectacular photos taken before the ceremony captured smoke ominously rising over a ridge in the background and filling the sky as the couple stood in a brown field. The whole wedding was moved to the Yreka Holiday Inn in just 20 minutes with as much as everyone could carry used to recreate the scene and new flowers picked along the route.

Shocking video shows father using his 18-month-old son as a BASEBALL BAT to beat his girlfriend

Techhoak Danny Lim, 27, was arrested in Riverside, California, on July 5 after being caught on video throwing his toddler son to the ground and using his body to hit his girlfriend during a violent dispute.


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'I feel like I didn't belong here on Earth... my time is up': Ex-UCLA basketball player Billy Knight shares tragic goodbye video before he is found dead of an apparent suicide

Former UCLA star and acclaimed basketball trainer Billy Knight was found dead early Sunday in Phoenix shortly after he shared a heartbreaking YouTube video detailing his longtime struggle with depression and poor choices. The 39-year-old was found by fire officials along a Phoenix roadway at approximately 2:45am, local police confirmed in a statement. While the official cause of death has yet to be determined by a medical examiner, the sports trainer, dubbed The Shot Master 3 on his Facebook page, spoke in the tearful video about ending his own life.

Milwaukee Bucks rookie Donte DiVincenzo will soon sign an NBA contract that will pay him $2 million over his first season. But for now, the former Villanova star has only $3.71 to his name.

Ordering room service is part of the pleasure of a hotel stay. But long waiting times can make this a frustrating experience. This hack will ensure your order jumps the line and is delivered first.

A 48-year-old woman was found dead inside a trash compactor at a New York apartment block on Tuesday. Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner owns an apartment in the building.

Ex-girlfriend of LeSean 'Shady' McCoy claims he changed home security system before she

The victim of a home invasion at the home of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy has hired a lawyer, and her representation has strongly implied the NFL player (left) played a role in the brutal attack. Delicia Cordon (right), McCoy’s ex-girlfriend, was pistol whipped, hit in the head, robbed, and locked in a bathroom early on Tuesday morning when a man broke into the Georgia home as she slept. Her lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham (inset), told McCoy had suggested to Cordon she would be robbed of pieces of jewelry he had given her in the past, and had changed the security system to the home, but refused to share access to it with his ex. McCoy has denied allegations he was involved , calling them ‘totally baseless and offensive’. He was reportedly in Miami on Tuesday morning when Cordon was attacked.

In a remarkable story of survival, the U.S. Coast Guard on Tuesday rescued 11 people after their charter plane crashed on the Prince of Wales Island near Ketchikan, Alaska.

Ayumi Kuboki, 31, was arrested last week on suspicion of causing the deaths of at least two patients at a hospital near Tokyo and allegedly admitted to poisoning up to 18 more.

A family flying from Oakland to Las Vegas claims that Spirit Airlines diverted their flight to Los Angeles due to bad weather - and then simply left them stranded at the airport.

Woman calls cops on a black 12-year-old boy delivering newspapers in Ohio neighborhood

A 12-year-old boy had police called on him while he delivered newspapers in his Ohio neighborhood on Friday. The paper route was Uriah Sharp's first job, and it was his first day. Unfortunately, Uriah had delivered the papers to the wrong homes, and had to go back and pick them up again.  Watching from her window, a woman saw the young boy collecting the papers again and called police to report suspicious activity. His mother Brandie said she was 'totally disgusted' when police arrived and was sad she couldn't help her son learn the value of work without there being an issue with their presence in the neighborhood.

Unpaid internships are controversial but regarded as necessary in today's working world. FEMAIL created a list of the most outlandish tasks ever asked of interns around the world.

Revellers run next to fighting bulls from the Nunez del Cuvillo bull ranch during 5th day of the running of the bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, northern Spain, Wednesday, July 11, 2018. Revellers from around the world flock to Pamplona every year to take part in the eight days of the running of the bulls. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

WARNING. GRAPHIC IMAGES. French matador Sebastian Castella holds up the ear he has just cut off a live bull during the infamous bull-running San Fermin festival in Pamplona, northern Spain.

A Massachusetts judge ruled the administration of electroshock therapy on special needs students acceptable for the only school in the United States that still allows the practice.

Gaming fan who swapped Call of Duty for weightlifting drops 6 stone

Kaitlyn van Brunschot, 26, a software engineer from Arizona, has revealed how she shed almost 84lbs in just a year after swapping Call of Duty and junk food for weightlifting and healthy eating. (Seen left and inset in 2016 before her transformation, and middle and right after her weight loss)

Strong gales uprooted trees, broke fish rafts and caused hazards on roads in Lianjiang county after Typhoon Maria made landfall in south-east China's Fujian province on Wednesday morning.

An explosion rocked the downtown area of a suburb of Madison after a contractor struck a natural gas main Tuesday, injuring at least two firefighters and a police officer, authorities said.

Strong demand for the upcoming iPhones is largely a result of the 'lack of upgrade activity over the past few years', according to market analysts at Boston firm BlyeFin Research.

The rival companies, based in California, which are currently leading the race to build the first self-flying taxis to take to the skies, received $2 million (£1.5 million) in funding from the military last year.

Frank Sinatra’s $3m Malibu mansion available to rent for $110k a month

Deep-pocketed fans of Frank Sinatra now have the opportunity to live like the Chairman of the Board. The late singer's former oceanfront Malibu mansion is currently available to rent for $110,000 per month and features a jaw-dropping seven bedroom and nine bathrooms. Frank, who passed away in 1998 at the age of 92, and his wife Barbara purchased the Broad Beach property in 1990 for $3 million, and immediately tore down the existing home, replacing it with the current building.

EXCLUSIVE Researchers from the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, found that compounds in jujube fruits programme lung, breast and prostate cancer cells to kill themselves in the lab.

A child has been caught trying to smuggle dozens of iPhone Xs worth at least $50,000 from Macau to mainland China. He had 14 of them strapped onto his body and 26 hidden in his backpack.

Beate Zschaepe, 43, will spend the rest of her life behind bars after being found guilty of shooting and killing nine Greek and Turkish immigrants and a German policewoman between 2000 and 2007.

Optical illusion reveals easily skewed perception of colour

A new optical illusion has revealed just how easily our perceptions of colour can be skewed.  The illusion, by Harvard University, involves  grid of 1,000 individual dots, which range from very blue to darker hues of purple. Researchers asked a group of volunteers to say if they thought each individual dot was blue or purple.  During the trials, dots that the participants previously identified as purple looked increasingly blue to them. Researchers say this is because it could be that the human brain doesn't make decisions based on hard rules but on context of what it's seen before.

A newborn baby was killed and more than two dozen people were injured when a tornado whipped through a North Dakota oil patch city overnight, that also demolished 100 structures. 

Firefighters and water-dropping helicopters battled through the afternoon after the blaze destroyed two dozen acres of dry brush around Griffith Park, near the Hollywood Hills.

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Heartbroken dog tries to wake his dead best friend - a calf - and sits loyally by its grave after the animal drowned in a well 

In a heart moving sight, a dog was seen mourning the death of a cow that drowned in a well. The tearjerking footage was filmed in Manapari, a small hamlet situated in the Trichy district of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. Chinnadurai a poor farmer had adopted the dog a few years back who lived with the calf which he was rearing at that time in the same premises.

Footage shows a sister and her younger brother dangling from a first-floor balcony by the neck - at about 10 feet high - after having slipped through the metal bars at their home in south-west China.

Leaf the miniature pony was swept away by flash floods in the wake of the recent torrential rains in Mabi, southern Japan, and was thought to have drowned before she was discovered on a roof.

Nature photographer shoos away a huge POLAR BEAR who prowls too close to his camera... and then simply turns his back on the wild animal

A fearless wildlife photographer proved that he would go to great lengths to get the perfect shot - even if it meant shooing away a giant polar bear. Maxim Deminov wasn't the least bit intimidated by a curious beast while he was filming making sure he got some great pictures before he scared the animal off, multiple times. His work was part of the 'Bear Patrol' which monitored and prevented possible bear conflicts near their settlement in Cape Kozhevnikov, Russia.


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Horrific moment a rodeo rider dies after a single stamp by a bucking bull strikes him on the back of the neck in Brazil

A rodeo rider died instantly when his neck was broken after being trampled under the hind legs of a bucking bull during championship finals in Brazil. Despite wearing a helmet and a protective vest, Uéliton Flávio de Oliveira, was fatally injured as he jumped off the bull, slipped and fell under the hooves of the one tonne beast shortly after entering the arena.

A hilarious clip, recorded by Tina Cline from Atlanta, Georgia, shows her husband Michael bemoaning his 'aching back' as he flips and flaps with the floral sheets.

The 150mph lawn mower: Honda is working on a Mean Mower V2 that can go from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds in a bid to create the world's fastest vehicle to cut grass

Honda UK, with headquarters in Bracknell, is building a monstrous lawnmower that it hopes will reclaim the record of world's fastest lawnmower and reach up to 150 mph (240 km/h). The 'Mean Mower V2' will feature a 999cc engine that is capable of churning out 189 horsepower and sending the garden vehicle from 0-60mph in just three seconds. Despite being able to reach such speeds, the Mean Mower V2 will still be able to cut grass as it is fitted with two carbon fibre blades.




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